Today, I had a conversation about energy, spirit, connection and quantum physics which started to flow into another conversation about near death experiences.

It had me thinking about the one thing I hear almost all people say after having one: They are no longer afraid to die.

I have no idea what that feels like or if I should even aspire to live that way. Yes, living without being consumed by fear is aspirational for me but no fear of dying?

As a Christian, we are taught not to be afraid of death. There will be life, glorious life waiting for us on the other side. My faith says that’s true but my humanity says I haven’t lived this side of life fully yet. When I go, I want to be nearly exhausted by the memories, the sheer force of how much I have to remember. I surely am not there yet.

I asked my husband, who lost his father many years ago, was there any comfort in the fact that he lived well into his 80’s?

He answered: “It never feels like there’s enough time.”

I had to take a moment to let it sit. If it will never feel like enough, then I better get on with the business of acceptance.

Accepting it may never feel like enough words, silences, sun, giggles, sex, food, hugs, tears, seasons, scars and breath.

Enough love.

But that’s ok because while I’m getting on with the business of acceptance, I’m getting on with the business of living.




  1. Anita says:

    Good, thought provoking post.
    I went to a potluck dinner a few years ago, a gathering at a friend’s house. The topic: death. It is a conversation people are beginning to have.


    1. Kristina says:

      Thanks, Anita. I would have loved to be at a dinner where it can be discussed openly. I will take a look at the site!


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