I was writing a quick bio for a website this week and the woman said she loves the sound of children’s laughter. I agreed and she said it was because of how innocent it is. Of course, she was right. It’s never phony or rehearsed and it comes from a place of pure joy.

Take my 3-year old niece. When she reaches over, grabs my nose and I pretend to shriek, she giggles uncontrollably. The happiness in her eyes and voice–I could experience it every day and never grow tired of it.

Even though the days have long passed since a simple gesture could make me laugh like that, there are many things that bring me joy.

Here are 10:

1. Sleeping on freshly laundered sheets. The warmth and the smell are so comforting!

2. Knowing that my husband kisses me goodbye every morning–whether or not I am conscious enough to remember it.

3. Sharing exciting news with my parents!–I may be in my 30’s but it still makes me feel good that they are proud of me.

4. Writing a piece I am proud of. It’s definitely not all about how it’s received. I love the way it feels to finish and know I left nothing to be desired in my eyes.

5. Watching my sister perform. I have never seen her more confident and radiate more joy (outside of being with her family) than when she is at her studio.

6. Having in-depth conversation with my brother. He was my first best friend and when we have the chance to connect that way, I can’t help but fondly reflect on our early years together.

7. Taking long baths. The next place we move to needs to have a ridiculously huge tub so I can enjoy it more often!

8. Being in the middle of a book that I never want to end. The feeling of not wanting to let the characters go.

9. Being in tune with my spirit during prayer. I can’t always get there but when I do, it’s like I am blooming.

10. Feeling in sync at a dance class! There’s nothing like feeling like you are flowing with the music and letting the struggle go.

Your turn:

What brings you joy?


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