Go to Bed

When I got up this morning, it took everything in me to go on my walk. I know I only had myself to blame for it, too. I have been committed to these challenges but not to ensuring adequate sleep each night.

That changes today. It’s essential to me as a human biologically and emotionally. My anxiety rises and I am not as ready to face the day if it’s lacking. I have had to ask myself a question more than once lately: What’s stopping me from just going to bed early?

What do I think I’m missing? It reminds me of being little and fighting sleep at bedtime.  Since those days are long gone, it’s time to realize I am a bit older and my body (and mind) are taking on more than it’s ever had.

Instead of passing out unceremoniously on the couch and hustling up the stairs a couple of hours later for proper sleep, tonight I will form a new habit which will undoubtedly make me a little happier to greet the sun tomorrow morning.


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