Whole Black Self

My Black self is a whole human being

Who wants to celebrate other Black people

Who wants to binge on Black everything

I crave Black expression.

Who wants to sit on my damn couch eating banana bread

My Whole Black husband baked.

My Black self

Took a walk this morning

Made sure I stared right into the eyes of two Black men walking in our neighborhood and shouted a robust

“Good morning!”

And what I hoped I said was “I see you!”

My Black self cried and checked on friends.

I ignored the deafening silence today from people who should have been screaming all along.

And those who proclaimed “This is how you protest.”

My Whole Black spirit wrestles with defeat when I think of Black businesses who may never open again and Black people

Who will never breathe again.

My Whole Black self will pray, make love to my Whole Black husband and fall asleep

Wake up

In a rage

And do it all over again.




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