Day 52

I have spent a lot of time reading, listening and watching other people’s journeys on 75hard. A common theme I have seen is that the farther along you are the harder it is mentally to complete it. I took note of it but ultimately didn’t want to or frankly need to believe my experience would mimic theirs.

I have walked in the rain, in the cold, the sun, have avoided cars who didn’t care about my pedestrian status and didn’t fall out of love  with any bit of the outdoor part. I have drank 52 gallons of water, lifted weights, done yoga, danced by myself, gone back to the gym and read the books. Besides random left ankle pain here and there, my body has held up.

Last night after a meeting, I came home exhilarated and the last thing I felt like doing was a second workout. But I did it. I went to bed and woke up with tremendous pain in my right ear. I usually start the day outside but couldn’t today.

I eventually got up, went to work and barely made it through the first half of my day. I expected to come straight home and pass out but I feared doing it because I knew I wouldn’t be coming back outside.

As I was turning into our neighborhood, I vowed to put my sneakers on and do 45 minutes. And I did it. I earned those minutes.  I also don’t feel it was coincidental that I felt it so acutely this late –with only 23 days left. If all the challenges are coming for me, in the last few weeks, I may not welcome it but I choose to believe this is why the challenge is so long– to ensure those who take it are guaranteed to fight battles and be ready to slay the dragons that enter long after 75 has passed.

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