Today is my halfway point of the 75 hard challenge. What’s surprising is that it has been more about taking care of my entire self and less about weight loss–whether it is in the form of therapy, a haircut and signing up for more events to expand my knowledge of the creative process, writing and health. Yes, some weight loss has come with these changes but for the first time in a long time, I just believe it will happen as long as these changes are real.

That there is a reality after I complete the challenge where the habits I am forming now will be sustained. I can’t see myself working out twice a day but I can see myself getting up in the morning and starting my day outside. I am finding no matter how tired I am, my will to get up, rain or shine,  is far stronger than the temptation to hibernate underneath my comforter.

And I know I need every day of this challenge to make it stick. It is often said it takes 21 days to form a habit. That has never been true for me.  It’s always been months for me to be confident a change I have made is permanent. It is how I knew plant-based eating and writing was real. It was the time and the commitment. I am willing to give it 75 days and everyday afterwards to ensure that I can add fitness and an evolution to that list.

Side note, I also find it fitting that The Storyteller Project: Digital Storytelling for Women of Color was finally published in the journal Liminalities this week. I am incredibly proud of the work we all did, what we created during our time together. There was pain but a palpable joy in making “A Walking Color.”



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