Breathe Easy

I have spent the last couple of weeks letting myself just be. I did join a new accountability group for health. I think I have been reveling in the knowledge that all of my tests came back with good news so the anxiety has taken a backseat to relief and joy.

It’s funny the things I am fretting over now compared to even a month ago. My mind is now freed up to focus more on my career and the fun things I want to do with Hubby.

We were at a supper club on Sunday night. The performance was all covers of Anita Baker hits. Besides the food and the singing giving me life, knowing I could be there without a cloud of exhaustion hanging over me was more than I could have asked for.


There are still a few things on the horizon we need to get past but we’re almost there.

Which is enough.

Not only because there is a finish line.

But because now we can breathe a little bit easier on the way there.


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