Who Am I?

A few months ago, I took a personality profile (DISC-Dominance, Influence, Conscientiousness, Steadiness) for work. I received my results today. Even though the test acknowledges we can exhibit traits of all of these categories, we clearly skew towards one or two.

I am an Si!

While I do feel the description was practically dead on, it made me yearn to develop the Dominance part of my personality in regards to my writing. If I was more results-oriented, perhaps my focus would be strengthened with my pitching and networking. I definitely was more results-oriented as a student but that has definitely waned. There is no grade I am waiting to get back. No one else is disappointed when I don’t submit my work or write pages. The assessment indicated I am very much a team player and writing is largely individual. It takes a level of self-motivation I am working on cultivating for every part of my life.



However, I am still happy to be a service-oriented person that thrives in a team environment with a need for harmony and an ability to connect with others.

I wouldn’t change any of that for all of the world.

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