This past week has had its ups and downs but I had an experience that made me realize I don’t have to run to food every time something goes wrong.

And I very well could have. July 31st has come and gone. My raw food challenge is over and I have remained raw. On June 30th, I would have told you come August 1st, I will be first in line at the new vegan soul food stuffing my face with as much as Mac and cheese that could possibly fit.

Instead, in the past week I attended the National Day of Dance and participated in the Afro-Caribbean class, walked and jogged a couple of times, enjoyed a combination of raw meals and smoothies. It wasn’t about the number (2.8lb loss this week). It was about how good I feel and want to continue to feel.

Having a good time at Afro-Caribbean dance class

It is about how awful I felt dealing with a personal issue and my first reaction was to put the focus anywhere but how I can binge away my feelings, my panic and my anxiety.

That kind of growth is priceless for someone like me.

If I have the healing that eating all of those raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds brought to thank for it, then I thank what God gave us again and again.

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