Staying Raw?

I have had a long week. Not sure if I made the right decisions about everything. But two things are very clear: I am beyond excited for the Digital Storytelling workshop next month AND I know now more than ever that I want to be high raw after July is over.

One of the reasons is that despite how hectic my week was I had the energy to work out twice today–once before work and again this afternoon. I just had more energy than I expected. The other is that I saw my face and neck started to smooth out. It looks like my psoriasis is disappearing at a much more accelerated rate. Being vegan helps but raw vegan… Weight loss is certainly apart of it (3.2lbs this week) but the feeling surpasses the pounds lost. There is nothing like having this level of energy and clarity. I don’t want to let it go.

When I think of what could be, I don’t want to stop too soon before I really see what healing can take place. Even if there are a few cooked meals here and there after July, I am more motivated than ever. Now that I know the direction my body is going in, why would I ever stop? I don’t want to cheat myself of the experience.

I don’t want to cheat myself of the experience of looking in the mirror and just seeing me, nothing more, nothing less.

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